Pink Full Moon in Libra

Contributor: Cristin D. Smith
Photographer: Katelyn Morse
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The Pink Full Moon is named after a Native American pink moss called Phlox. The moss has these bright pink blooms that emerge, covering the prairie floor in a gorgeous pinkish hue. Native American tribes recognized these flowers as a symbol of Spring, rebirth and new beginnings. ⠀

Embracing the symbols of Spring the Pink Full Moon in Libra is a time to dust off the debris that has accumulated over the past month and season to make way for manifesting your true desires.

For three days beginning on the April Full Moon Buddhists in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, and Lao celebrate the New Year. They recognize this to be a powerful time to release any pain and suffering that we have carries with us throughout the past year.  

In addition to having spiritual significance for Buddhist communities this Pink Full Moon also falls during the Spring Festival of Passover (a sacred time when Jewish communities remember God liberating their people from slavery in Egypt) and Holy Week the last week of Lent leading up to the Spring Festival celebrated by Christian communities, Easter (a holy day in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus). 


It's no wonder we find such immense energy and invitation with this Pink Full Moon in Libra. It is a time to draw deep on our desires exploring their connectivity to our calling and life purpose. 

What is it that burns brightly within you? 

What is it that gets you fired up? It may be anger about a particular political or social issue. Maybe even a passion for education or engineering. What is that energy inside you yearning to do?

This is a time to look within and hold space for your inner voice. Listen to your intuition. Moon cycles allow us a unique opportunity to check back in. To find your center and return to a place of clarity. 

In traditional cultures the Moon - La Luna is identified as being Feminine in nature. This Pink Spring Moon is packed with power and is taking us to the center of our Femininity inviting us to heal our deep feminine wound. 

As we step forward bridging the conscious and unconscious, awakening our need for healing and wholeness, what aspects of healing your Yin energy or Feminine self are you being drawn to?

You might find it helpful to incorporate mineral therapy or aromatherapy as you sit with these questions. 

Rose Quartz is a very gentle stone representing unconditional love. It carries with it a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. 

Geranium is an essential oil that has been used for its healing benefits since the ancient Egyptians. It's the oil of love and trust. Geranium aids us in restoring confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world. It supports us in our recovery of difficult and traumatic experiences healing the heart from pain and suffering. 

During this time we are seeking out a strong sense of identity. Who am I? What is the unique contribution I am here to make? And how does my personal contribution fit into the bigger picture - the work of humanity?

It's here that we become more clear about who we are as individuals and yet how inter-connected we are as family, neighbors, and humans. 

With this supercharged Spring Moon it is important to be attune to disruption and discord. Conflicts that create turmoil within the heart and pierce the essence of who we really are.

Be mindful of pattern of turmoil that has continued to come up over the past few months or years. This is a good time to identify and release the pattern that keeps us from making peace with our true self.

Take some time to sit - or better yet, soak. Soak in the bath with some Epsom Salt or our wildly invigorating Peppermint + Sea Salt Bath Soak ( by using elements from the Ocean you enhance the process of releasing during the Full Moon and salt supports our cleansing process). 

While your soaking spend a few moments recalling your story. Maybe journal your biggest moments - those filled with immense pain and incredible beauty. What events have shaped you into who you are today? This is an important process in accepting who we are and where we are.

If something comes up that feels uncomfortable or shameful take a few extra minutes to press into that memory. What emotions is it bringing forth? What message does it have for us? Remember this is a safe and effective time to let go of the things that burden us and hold us back.

After you have honored your story begin to jot down all the things you want to release. It can be just a word or a phrase. Maybe it's more therapeutic to draw a picture or symbol. If it's more complex feel free to write a couple sentences or even a paragraph. The goal is to put pen to paper identifying everything you want to purge.

Then as you allow your tub to drain - taking with it the stress, anxiety, pain and suffering begin to read aloud your list. Then when you have finished strike a match. Begin to burn your paper - releasing all of the things that you are ready to let go of. After the last bit has burned to ash light your smudge stick and seal your Spring ceremony.