As we look towards the traditions of ancient cultures like in China, India and others and then the medicine systems that supported them - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda - we discover a forgotten wisdom. It's our aim to reclaim this wisdom and incorporate it into our modern lives. Much of our invitation is to live local, to live seasonal - connected with the environment that surrounds you.

We believe that each of us is intricately designed; that the very essence of our humanity is found in our unique story - the unfolding of our own journey. It's for this reason we offer bio-individualistic services; honoring the bio, psycho and spiritual aspects of each person who comes to us. We know that no two people are alike and customize each session to support you and the season that you are in. 

It is our belief that through the process of modernization - a global experience, coupled with our personal experience that we've become disconnected from our environment, our community, ourselves and the Divine; and that this disconnection has resulted in a state of habitual unrest. 

In spite of our circumstances, we know that each of us possesses the capacity for resilience and restoration. We can choose the path of vulnerability - the path towards hope and healing where we journey through negative thoughts, trauma and toxicity.

It's for this reason we curate resources rooted in the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of who we are. We invite you to connect with the practitioners, places, products and practices that we have consciously curated to live well.