Cristin Smith - Founder & Director

Cristin Smith is a Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Director and Spacial Designer. Starting her career in the Financial & Insurance Services Industry right after graduating High School. After having excelled as a top producer, manager, and the V.P. of Sales & Marketing for other firms, Cristin and her business partner started their own agency. Cristin's passion for growth and transformation also lead her into community development and the non-profit sector. After years of community work and running her own business she relocated to Tijuana for a six-month sabbatical. A health crisis emerged during that time leading Cristin to seek out holistic health care practitioners, non-toxic products, therapeutic practices and healing places. This grew into the social enterprise she runs today, Saffron & Sage. As Saffron & Sage was unfolding Cristin began her journey to become a Spiritual Director with Loyola Marymount University. Cristin now serves not only as the Strategy Director but as a Spiritual Director holding space for individuals to explore their sacred pilgrimage while cultivating discernment and incorporating other ancient practices into their lives like solitude and meditation.



Paulina Modarelli - Experience Director



Linn Diep- Engagement Director

Elaine Soto - Operations Director

Elaine is a seeker of wellness and all things magic.  She recently moved from Baltimore, Maryland to San Diego in search of a health conscious community and found a home at Saffron & Sage.  She has studied psychology and massage therapy and is passionate about advocating for integrative healthcare. She has lent her administrative skills to various private and federal organizations in the public health field. After witnessing a loved one's battle with cancer, she opted to leave the corporate realm and pursue work that aligned with her mission to help others realize their own healing potential. In her free time you can catch her exploring local hiking trails, spending time in the ocean trying to reach full mermaid status, or cozying up with a good book.