spring studio challenge


This April, we invite you to join us in a challenge to emerge. 

This challenge is about more than getting stronger, more flexible, or losing a few pounds. 

Together we will connect with our bodies and learn to commit to consistent self care rituals. 

For only $50, you will receive unlimited access to our studio classes, where you can choose your own challenge.   

Commit to 10-20-30 classes.  Earn Spring self care essentials at your chosen level and enter for a chance to win a Grand Prize



Participants may register for one level only. 

Must tag us in a photo of every class completed to qualify for prizes

Classes must be completed by April 30th to count toward challenge.



2018-saffronsage-full moon circle-san diego-43.jpg


Commit to 10 classes this month! 

Earn a sage bundle + citrine stone

Enter for a chance to win tickets to a Moon Circle!

2018-saffronsage-full moon circle-san diego-41.jpg


Commit to 20 classes this month! 

Earn a chakra stone bag 

Enter for a chance to win $25 off your next appointment! 

2018-saffronsage-full moon circle-san diego-40.jpg


Commit to 30 classes this month! 

Earn $50 toward your next appointment 

Enter for a chance to win our Spring Essentials Basket!

enter for a chance to win a grand prize of 1 free energy therapy session!!