Sofie Blicher

Sofie has an extensive background in overall health. When finishing high school she was
determined study psychology, until she traveled to India on a retreat with a Psychomotor
therapist. Sofie discovered a way to create mental wellness with a physical approach. While studying for her bachelor degree in psychomotor therapy and relaxation, she began instructing fitness classes and fell in love with teaching and helping others enjoy physical activity, thereby improving health and overall well being. For the past decade, Sofie has been a fitness instructor in multiple concepts including strength training, boot camps, dance and barre fitness, and indoor cycling. This passion for physical activity and the interest in the capabilities of the human body encouraged her to pursue a double master degree in exercise physiology and nutritional science from San Diego State University.
With her background in both holistic wellness and scientific educational knowledge Sofie has found a link between the two in the practice of yoga. She endures the physical benefits of strength and flexibility as well as the mindful, meditative qualities yoga brings, and she is
dedicated, as a yoga teacher, to share the body and mind connection that yoga has brought to her.