Rob Nguyen

Rob is an Integrative Healer, specializing in reiki, yoga + movement, aromatherapy, and sound. With a childhood saturated in an abundance of palm readers, herbalists, and holistic practitioners, he carries on his family's lineage of intuition and divine wellness.

After graduating from UC San Diego with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, he worked as a fashion photoshoot producer in NYC. He later surrendered to his need for personal health after episodes of anxiety-induced syncope and left the city. The experience manifested a three month healing pilgrimage throughout South-East Asia, where he reunited with his childhood roots while meeting family in Vietnam and unlocking the kundalini spirit in Bali.

Rob currently resides in San Diego and is passionate about cultivating balance among the layers of being (from the physical realm to the inner spirit). When he is not facilitating healing circles and teaching yoga, you can find him flower foraging and relaxing at nude beaches.