Kendall wood

Kendall grew up in the Pacific North West and moved to San Diego in the Spring of 2016 where she settled in to teach yoga. Her passion for yoga comes from a desire to help others slow down and connect with their bodies on a deeper level. For Kendall, yoga provided relief from chronic anxiety. With regular practice she was able to cultivate a more positive lifestyle. Now she enjoys sharing the tools she learned with others in hopes of helping them relieve the stress and anxieties in their own lives. At Saffron & Sage you will find Kendall teaching Yin Yoga and Restorative yoga. She creates a welcoming, safe space, filled with feel-good adjustments and encouragement. Kendall’s intention is to show students the power and strength that resides within their own bodies and minds. She uses essential oils to enhance the experience and strives to leave students in a state of bliss at the end of each class. When Kendall isn’t in the yoga studio you can find her out rock climbing or in the kitchen making her favorite treats.