Warm Weather and Warm Drinks

Contributor: Cristin Smith
Photographer: Ashley Neese
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While the summertime can be a wonderful change of pace to a snowy landscape, the natural effects can be a little tough on our physical being. The increase of sweat (though very natural) may increase breakouts or impure skin, the humidity of the night may make many of us restless, and the heat may have us reaching for things that cool us down but are not good for our bodies or our equilibrium. 

This summer, let us take a step back and find a new health based plans to keep us healthy and happy as the thermostat rises.

As the weather gets warmer, our desire for cold drinks grows. We crave iced tea, fresh water and lemonade—something refreshing and thirst quenching that will cool our bodies down. Many of us will also crave cold snacks, like ice pops or ice cream: anything we think will cool us down. 

Interestingly, just the opposite can be good for the body. Sipping hot drinks can actually cool the body down in an extremely effective manner. 

The act of drinking hot teas will induce sweating, naturally cooling the body in a less aggressive manner than flooding it with cooler liquids. This ensures a healthy transition from overheated to comfortable, as well as a less intense changeover for your body.  

Along with this cooling process, we all know that teas have wonderful and holistic health benefits. During the summertime, we can take advantage of the seasonal plants chamomile, ginger lemon and peppermint.

Saffron & Sage Warm Weather tea

Chamomile has a wonderful reputation for being very soothing. It is often used when a person is ill to calm the body and encourage the healing process. Drinking chamomile tea can also alleviate an upset stomach. This can be a positive aspect if all of the cold drinks and ice cream make you feel as though your digestive system isn’t at its best. 

Peppermint is a flavor that we may not consider in the warmer climates of the summer months. However it is definitely a tea to consider for overall heath. Peppermint is also wonderful for digestion and is a natural pain and inflammation reducer—a wonderful alternative to taking aspirin after aspirin. It is also good for relaxing both the body and mind, which can be great for aligning the physical and nonphysical parts of our being. 

Ginger lemon tea is another tea often affiliated with the winter. But, along with peppermint tea, its benefits are not seasonal. Ginger lemon tea is also an immune system, so we can spend less time worrying about summer infections and colds. It also helps upset stomachs and is an aid in weight loss and weight maintenance.  

This summer, let us all take a new approach to staying cool and healthy simultaneously and try sipping some hot tea. The effects are nothing but wonderful for us.