Trusting One's Intuition

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Taylor Balding
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Some call it the "sixth sense." Others refer to it as the "third eye." However one may call it, intuition allows us to somehow foresee danger. To foretell the future when we are unsure about the events of tomorrow. To sense the lies beyond the fake facade of a smile. To see hope, even when the current circumstances seem bleak. To have the courage to bet against the odds, despite the expert advice of others.

This is the power of intuition. It is a certain feeling that cannot be explained by rational thought, but the force within is so strong that you simply have to give in to its power. Intuition comes from the subconscious, the dormant self that is often awoken by a difficult event or circumstance. Should I make this difficult transition of my career, even at the risk of failure? Should I place my bet on this game, even when the odds are stacked up against me?

At times, intuition is also awoken by encounters with certain individuals—those who challenge our ability to place our faith in our inner power to make the right decisions. Should I give a partner another chance, despite my intuition telling me not to do so after a painful betrayal? Should I allow an estranged family member back into my life, even when the inner feelings tell me not to trust?

intuition-holding crystals

There are many moments when you awaken your intuition while you try to process challenging situations in order to arrive at the best possible decision. And yet, most of the time, despite being gripped by fear of the unknown, you opt to "trust your gut." This is what intuition tends to do. It allows your inner feelings to speak. You simply have to learn to listen.

Learning to set aside a time for stillness each day allows you to hear your own intuition. By being meditative, you enable yourself to listen from within, to hear the words of your subconscious mind. Many times, you fail to follow your instincts because you are unable to hear what your gut is telling you in the midst of all the clutter. Unfortunately though, not all clutter comes from outside. Sometimes, our minds are also full of noise.

How can you possibly hear your inner gut when it is drowned out by all the worldly clutter? You must learn to let go of the noise from within. What negativity fills your thoughts lately? Release it so you can hear your own soul speak. Only then can you learn to trust your own intuition.

According to spiritual believers, intuition is said to be related to the sixth chakra—the area of the third eye. It is a common belief that the third eye opens and closes to allow as much light as one can take. Light represents the gift of consciousness, which can also be said to be intuition itself; thus, the more open yourself to allow your third eye to see the light of positive change and energy, the deeper you can connect your intuition to your inner and outer worlds.

So next time you are caught in a difficult decision, pause for a moment. Find a quiet corner to meditate. De-clutter your mind of any noise. And listen. Listen long and hard to the inner voice. What is your intuition telling you?