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Poached Pears with Autumn Spices

This time of year it’s easy to go off the rails with sweets. For some reason our culture associates the holidays with over indulging on all kinds of foods, especially sugary ones. My poached pears are a wonderful alternative and you will likely be surprised at how satisfying they are.

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Superfood Slice

This Superfood Slice recipe comes from Kristin Dahl an LA-based nutritionist and chef. It is high in fiber and loaded with Vitamins B & E. Plus, it’s creamy, crunchy & covered in chocolate.

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Hibiscus & Kombucha Jello

When you toss gelatin (hello collagen!) with the probiotic wonders of some kombucha, extra immune boosting powers of raw honey, and floral peacefulness of hibiscus, you have the perfect cocktail for a potent medicinal treat that even children would envy. 

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