Super Blue Blood Moon

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Bronwyn Huddleson
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You can harness the moon's energy two days before and after a full moon; if you missed our full moon circle on January 31, 2018 here is Integrative Healer, Rob Nguyen's take on this celestial event and his suggestions for incorporating the moon's energy during this time of the month.


The Super Blue Blood Moon is basically the Beyonce of all moons. There is a sense of hype and this inspires a sense of exuberance for those who seek her and watch her. How can we seek humbleness with all the hype?

B r e a k   D o w n   o f   T h e   N a m e :

"Super" - The moon is closer to the earth's atmosphere than usual so is shines brighter.

"Blue" - Second full moon of month.

"Blood" - The moon sits behind the earth's umbra or shadow while the sun shines through from ahead, giving sunset hues to decorate the moon. 


A s t r o l o g y : Axis of Leo - lunation of courage and self-love

This eclipse allows a split into two selves:

Light self: radically self loving, generous, proud (Awareness overall) 

Shadow self: ego-centric, chase for approval, greed for attention, self pity as a mode of emotional pleasure ("I'm gonna do me"  mentality and doesn't foresee consequences) 

Lunar eclipses are about releasing and letting go. While this lunar eclipse is no different, it is important to remember that with endings, come new beginnings and opportunities. This celestial event invites us to be open to what the world is ready to offer us and release what no longer serves us.


T H E   P H Y S I C A L : 

Leo rules the heart and upper back in the body.

Yin Yoga poses great for creating space there: camel, supported fish, sphinx, twisted deer

Crystal that illuminates this moon: Rose Quartz - works as a heart chakra energy cleanser and invites love in

Essential Oil: Grapefruit - stirs body positivity for confidence


M a n t r a   E x a m p l e s :

Mantra prompt 1 (how breath effects mental health): how do you invite bravery into your everyday life?

I BREATH IN BRAVERY.... to speak up for myself and those who can't


Mantra Prompt 2 : how do you cultivate self love? The mane is a metaphor for the ego. How can we mindfully, brush and partner with the ego so it balances the duality of shadow and light self.  

I MAINTAIN MY being enough in any moment


Mantra Prompt 3: (the future self is revealed when the spirit is unlocked and re-imagined- the third self that emerges with the moon) fill in the blank:

I IGNITE THE SPIRIT .....with passion for my beliefs