Sprouting With The Sun

Contributor: Lacy Phillips
Photographer: Lacy Phillips
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I notice that many of my clients get caught up in fear when it comes to soaking or sprouting. Rightfully. It can be intimidating when you first begin. What if I don’t do it long enough, what if I leave it too long and bacteria grows? I get it. But I’m also here to dispel all those worries.


I literally have something sprouting in a bowl of purified water at all times. When one thing gets cooked, the next sprouting bowl goes out for 24-72 hours (pending on the heat). And it’s all very uncomplicated. I simply throw my grains or legumes in a bowl. Cover it with purified water, sprinkle with a dash of quality salt, cover with a linen towel and stick it outside to sprout with the sun. Remember our NATIVE ancestors have been doing this since the beginning of time.  They didn’t have fancy glass containers with mesh. They had clay pots, water, and the sun.

The sun is a really potent force to help the sprouting process groove much quicker. Because the warmer the grain or legume, the faster fermenting starts to happen, which is the core of the germination process. I also believe in the extra vibration of solar power energy.

I’ll mix up the grains when I remember throughout the day. Every 8 hours or so.  Once they have sprouted little tails then it is time to cook them. If I can’t cook them right that minute, I’ll strain them and leave in the fridge until I can get to them later. If the very thinnest and tiniest layer of fuzz appears, I rinse it all off under warm water. These are getting cooked so any bacteria will be killed.  If it’s a massive layer, that’s when it’s time to toss. Don’t worry, you will find the perfect tango with the weather and your grains once you’ve done it a few times. It becomes a unique language between the two of you. And after opening up the massive protein, vitamins and minerals, you’ll feel so accomplished.