Seasonal Attunement in Summer

Contributor: Avery Geary
Photographer: Saffron & Sage
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Those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine believe the seasons have a profound effect on human growth and well-being - we are influenced by climate changes and should strive to live in harmony with them. Our bodies are strongly connected to nature, corresponding to the natural law and flow of rhythms. Many are in-tune with body temperature changes and food cravings with each season of the year - winter, spring, summer and fall.

Your body responds appropriately according to the weather outside. Eating heavier foods in the winter because it is cold and eating lighter foods in the summer reflects this. This understanding can be translated to the use of energy and nurturing of our bodies at different points in the season. Continue reading to discover how to attune your body to the late summer season!

Summer is all about Expansion, Growth, Lightness, outward activity, brightness, traveling, creativity. Its a time for luxurious growth through selfless service. Embrace changing connections through reconnecting with natural light, water and the sun.

Summer says, let go of your safety rails, come swim into the deep. It evokes a flowering of faith. Walking by faith, not by sight. Being able to shed layers & carry round fewer protective barriers. Relaxing into the present by linger over meals or encounters, savoring the moment, allowing the time to flow by.

Persona - The Visionary

Element - FIRE (rules the heart and small intestine)

Yin Solid Organ -HEART-MIND (regulates blood circulation, and controls consciousness, spirit,
sleep, memory and holds space for the mind)

Yang Hollow Organ - SMALL INTESTINE


Pathway (to correct imbalances) - WISDOM & CONCENTRATION

Color - RED

Taste - BITTER

Seasonal Foods: asparagus, red bell pepper, brussels sprouts,
chicory, eggplant, sweet potato, spinach cantaloupe, fig, permission, turmeric,
strawberries, raspberries, almonds, pistachios, red lentils, salmon, shrimp, tuna
              - red foods: raspberries, strawberries, red lentils, guava, tomato

Supportive Nutrients: iron, iodine, vitamin c, calcium, zinc, sufficient b vitamins, Omega 3 and 6, vitamin E

Bitter Foods: romaine, rye, alfalfa
             Bitter & sweet: asparagus, quinoa, papaya

• Maca: hormonal balancing
• Ashwagandha: thyroid and mood enhancing
• Rhidiola: stress reliever


  1. Rosemary for mental clarity

  2. Lemon for objectivity

  3. Peppermint for mental energy

  4. Tea Tree for energizing on all levels

  5. YlangYlang for passion and enthusiasm