Raw Sprouted Muesli

Contributor: Lacy Phillips
Photographer: Lacy Phillips
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Any item here can easily be swapped out for something you love more or already have around the kitchen. This also makes a batch to keep inside a jar rather than one serving. 

1 c raw sprouted gluten free oats

½ c raw organic cacoa nibs

½ c raw organic hemp seed

½ c raw organic chia seed

½ c raw sprouted organic pumpkin seeds

¼ c superberries of choice | I used currants, goji, and mulberries

1 c raw organic milk of choice

PROCESS | mix your dry ingredients in a bowl until they are blended well.  You can store this bulk amount in a jar.  Add ½ c to a personal bowl.  Slightly warm your raw milk to room temperature on the stove (so as to not kill its wonderful properties).  This should take a matter of 30 seconds.  

Garnish with any fruit you like.  I used banana for this.

BENEFITS | fiber rich | eye nourishing | hair strengthening | immune boosting | heavy minerals | nervous system nourishing | protein & omega rich | anti-aging | antioxidant rich