Pranic Healing: Supportive Healing Therapy

Contributor: Jessica Luibrand
Photographer: Madison Cline
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It was a medical crisis during college that started the journey which led me to where I am today. I was a premed student, and in my senior year, I opted to leave the medical field with my bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences instead and began the search for alternative ways to heal my body.

As a result, I found energy healing and natural healing and used it to restore my body from the destruction that had occurred from the pharmaceutical medications doctors had recommended in the past.

During my quest in finding all things natural, one of the modalities I reached out for was the Japanese healing technique, Reiki. To my disapointment that healing method didn’t resonate with me. Then, following my move to California, I started working for a Subtle Energy Laboratory that in part allowed me to work with a senior Pranic Healer, someone who was trained by the very person who created Pranic Healing, the non-touch yogic healing method used to boost the already existing life force—or prana—of the body.

Saffron & Sage Pranic Healing

Unlike Reiki, with Pranic Healing, I could feel it. I could feel energy coming in and out of the body; I could feel other people’s aura and energy. When I started to use Pranic Healing to help others, I found I could feel the energy over particular chakras or certain areas that needed specific things.

In Pranic Healing, negative or unclean energy is removed from the body’s energy centers and replaced with clean energy. We focus on the aura as well as the chakras, since the chakras are transformers, taking in energy from the outside world and transforming it into energy for the body.

Pranic Healing is for anyone who has a desire to feel better in whatever way he or she may need, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Those who receive Pranic Healing most commonly describe feeling lighter after a session, like a weight has been lifted from them. Bubbly is another term to describe the feeling, but personally, I always use the word sparkly. It makes sense to me; if you remove the dirt or shadow from something, what’s left behind is usually brighter, glowing…sparkling.


When I meet with clients for healing, I often like our session to take place at the beach. Throughout history, a way to keep negative entities away has been with salt. There are a number of practices that involve the use of salt for purification and protection, and in Pranic Healing, that’s also the case: a salt bowl is often used to dispose of the dirty energy, which keeps it from returning to the person it came from or attaching onto the healer. And, what is the ocean but one giant bowl of salt? 

In addition, I also believe in the importance of bringing people into nature for grounding; humans are positively charged beings, with free radicals floating around our bodies at a +1 charge. The earth, on the other hand, is a -1 charge, so when we walk barefoot on the earth we lower our charge, which in turn, changes our chemistry and the biology of the body in a positive way. Healing in nature then, is a way to work on healing the body on a physical level along with the energetic, spiritual level.

Pranic Healing, coupled with other practices such as yoga, nutrition and stress management, has made all the difference in my life. I believe in healing the way nature intended, and I love serving as a guide to bring people back into a healthy relationship with their body. Just as I embarked on a holistic journey to health, I encourage you to embark on a journey of your own, and, if Pranic Healing is one of the ways you’d like to do that, I invite you to meet with me—whether it be to work on something specific or for an overall “cosmic tune-up” as one friend calls it. 

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