Nothing is Coming • Manifestation

Contributor: Lila Seeley
Photographer: Free & Native
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Okay. Another question I get a lot is why, if I'm manifesting, nothing's coming. Or, why am I not receiving any tests or lessons? Basically, you're hearing crickets. There's a few reasons why that's going on. A, you're not expanded enough, so there's no space for something to come through. B, you're not unblocking your subconscious beliefs. But if you're in that first category where you have been finding a lot of expanders and expanding, and you have been doing a lot of the deep reprogramming unblocked work, what's usually going on is you aren't making any changes in your physical life that need to be made for you to clear space.

What that can look like is maybe you're doing all the subconscious and self work, but you're still like this scared little crab in the world that's not making any changes. That can look like you are in situations still that are making you feel very small. You can have blocks around you. It can partners. It could be bosses. It can be so many elements in your life where they literally make you feel like you're stuck in mud, and you're tiny, you're not worth anything.

If all of that's around you, it's like you have a dome around you where nothing can come through, and it doesn't matter how much you reprogram and how much you expand. That's something to really take inventory of. What are you physically and actionably doing in your life that is allowing you to step into your most powerful, whole self? Anything that's now allowing that whole self to project and to be bright and big, that's something that's dimming it or creating a dome over it.


A lot of people will ask another question that's similar when they're in this plane is how do I know if I'm in the magic dark? It's very simple. It means that you've passed every hard test imaginable. It means all of the big, big tests have come your way, and you've passed them. Now you're sitting in this lull, just feeling like nothing's ever going to come. It's kind of an oh-shit moment. It's when you've turned down a ton of job opportunities because you could tell that they were tests, and they were shiny, and they resembled old job situations that made you feel small. All the sudden, you're sitting there, and you're hearing crickets because nothing's coming.

What's really going on is it's your last big and final energetic test from the universe that two things you won't settle for. A, you trust the universe that it's going to send you what you want, and B, that you won't settle for anything less than you're worth. That's what's going on in that space. I like to always say that it can feel like the darkest before the dawn. Or, it can feel like water receding before the wave comes back in.

You'll know you're in it because you've passed all the tests, you've expanded immensely, and you've been doing all of the work, and you've been unblocking on the physical plane as well. That's when you're in the magic dark.