New Moon in Pisces

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Meg Marie
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You can harness the moon's energy two days before and after a new moon; if you missed our new moon circle on March 15, 2018 here is Integrative Healer, Rob Nguyen's take on this celestial event and his suggestions for incorporating the moon's energy during this time of the month.

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A S T R O L O G Y : 

Our divine sun and moon connect in the duality of water as they both swim in the Pisces element during this New Moon, March 17th. This new moon is a blossom of completion and wholesomeness, which was cultivated during our spiritual hibernation in the winter season. We take this moment to recognize our achievements and victories into the Spring Equinox, and to facilitate how our emotions can float even more smoothly. 

Do you see your PROGRESS and trust in the PROCESS? 

Your intuition speaks to you through the reflection of those close to you. Let this be your time of NOW and stand in your present moment as you accept your emotions with grace and zen. 

Axis of Pisces - lunation of consciousness, peace, wisdom, and artistic expression


T H E   P H Y S I C A L : 

Pisces rules the feet / aches, sores, and stiffness in feet is common for this sign. Yin Yoga poses great for clearing space for Piscean traits to balance: toe squat, ankle stretch,  dragon, dangling, half butterfly, sphinx, dragonfly

Crystal that illuminates this moon: Moon Stone celebrates the watery element and brings calm and harmony while aiding hypersensitivity and pessimism. 

Essential Oils: 

  • Lemon or citrus based oils will uplift depressive states and inspire focus to channel emotions into creative wonderment and eventually artistic expression. 


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