New Moon in Gemini

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Saffron & Sage
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You can harness the moon's energy two days before and after a new moon; if you missed our new moon circle on June 14, 2018 here is Integrative Healer, Rob Nguyen's take on this celestial event and his suggestions for incorporating the moon's energy during this time of the month.


A S T R O L O G Y :  

The layers of your being are infinitely expressed in this New Moon in Gemini on June 13th. The duality of our main influencers, the sun and moon, both collaborate with The Twins today. They inspire us to discover the intricate mandala of life. Let your thoughts be colorful, curious, yet clear in its intentions. 

To awaken your inner Gemini, how do you direct your FOCUS in nurturing and creating what is with your arms reach? The playful Gemini may mischievously throw confusion and moodiness into the equation, so how may you RECOLLECT to secure your concentration in the many ideas that arrive today? 

T H E   P H Y S I C A L : 

Axis of Gemini; archetype: the enthusiast, conversationalist, and dualist.

Gemini rules the bodily region of the arms.

Yin Yoga poses to balance a Gemini's flightiness: melting heart posture, thread the needles, eagle arm variations, sphinx

Crystal that illuminates this moon: Citrine can act to re-ground Geminian confidence after muggy thought patterns or personal strikes on self esteem.   

Essential Oil: Wild Orange or Grapefruit invokes humor and an easy going mood. Mix in water or place in a diffuser for guests or the Self during moments of contention.