Moontime Tea

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Ashley Neese
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For most women, one body ritual that stands through all seasons is our monthly cycle. Every 28 or so days, we cycle through what really is a remarkable natural phenomenon. 

Unfortunately for many, the natural moon cycle is a tough time both mentally and physically. It seems like we are always trying to find ways to combat our symptoms, or we’re trying to get rid of them completely. 

Perhaps the true way to handle the symptoms of our moon cycle is to let them happen, and make them comfortable along the way. Trying to fight against our cycle is not good for the body or the mind, especially if avoiding the event is near impossible. 

One wonderful and natural way to combat the adverse symptoms is with a moontime tea. Moontime tea is simply brewed tea with a combination of herbs that work to regulate hormones, reduce cramps and discomfort, and lessen bloating. 


Many tea brands offer a version of moontime tea that is available for purchase at various supermarkets. However, brewing your own may be the most beneficial. Not only will you know what is going into your body, but you can also play with the measurements of different herbs to find something that truly suits your needs. 

A combination of herbs is the best way to go with your moontime tea. The mixture of different herbs allows most of the symptoms of our moon cycle to be handled without the use of unnatural medications. Look towards the bottom—we’ll give you a list of herbs to pick from. 

Breathwork Instructor and Energy Healer, Ashley Neese offers us a recipe that helps with even the most severe moon cycle symptoms. She recommends a combination of chamomile, raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, ginger and vitex, brewed and sipped around four times a day during the weeks before and of your moon cycle.

Ingredients :


Combine all ingredients in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Any metal or glass canister will work here. This is where you will store the blend for future use. Shake well.

Remove 1/4 c. herbs and place them in a large glass jar. Pour 4 cups ofboiling water over the herbs and fill the jar. Cover and let steep for 20-40 minutes. Strain and serve. You can easily reheat this on the stove when you are ready to have a cup. I usually have 4 cups per day during pre moon and full moon time.

I linked to my main source for dried herbs in the recipe. Dried organic ginger root sells out quickly. You can search locally in your area or use ginger tea bags in your brew. Use 1 tea bag per 2 c. of water.

Moontime tea offers a healthy and natural way to help our bodies through this time where we may not feel our absolute best.  Only when we listen to our body and give it the care it needs will we flow seamlessly in and out of our cycles in the healthiest of ways. 

Check out some suggested herbs and their benefits:

Cramp Bark — an anti-spasmodic that reduces cramping
Spearmint — antibloat
Lavender — aids in reducing stress and headaches in some
Chamomile — works for anti-cramping and reduction of anxiety
Dandelion Leaf — helps to combat higher than normal levels of estrogen
Ginger — eases nausea and digestion
Raspberry Leaf — promotes uterine health
Vitex — balances hormone irregularities and also reduces inflammation
Mint — reduces nausea