Mineral Therapy // Citrine

Contributor: Ashley Neese
Photographer: Ashley Neese
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Citrine is my absolute number one crystal for manifesting. Anytime I am working towards calling in more abundance, prosperity and personal power I use citrine in my meditations and writing rituals. I prefer to use citrine points for this practice as they help draw the energy upwards and that directional pull is really supportive because it means I don’t have to do as much work. Another big bonus is this happy yellow stone doesn’t absorb negative energy, so it doesn’t need a full moon bath each month.

I picked up my first deep honey colored citrine point in Banff, Alberta winter of 2009. During the month I was living there I frequented a sweet little crystal shop. Every time I walked around their well lit counter my eyes came to the citrine. I just loved the color. Finally I bought it and kept it on a key ring for years. Each time I picked up my keys I held the citrine in my hand with its point to the sky and took a few deep breaths allowing my current desire to receive attention and support.

It wasn’t until years later that I began researching the more detailed healing benefits and facts about citrine and came to learn that my intuition was right on the money. I had been using this beautiful honey colored stone to be a guide in my life, especially around a big career change I was in the middle of making. I later discovered from crystal teachers that is one of the primary ways to use this potent crystal. It always amazes me how our bodies have all of the wisdom if we just keep listening to them and trusting them to lead the way.


Citrine is found in many parts of the world including Brazil, Burma, Spain and the U.S. It is a variety of quartz and is related to the Amythyst.True citrine has a yellow color that varies from light to dark honey. Some of them can be a little orange and light brown as well. Be very careful when purchasing citrine as much of it on the market is actually amythyst that has been treated with heat to change the color. Once minerals have gone through treatment like this their properties change on an energetic and physical level.

This yellowish quartz was named after the ‘citron’ fruit. It has been called the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it has historically been used for manifesting success around work. The beauty of working with citrine is it can help you manifest abundance in your career and it radiates energy to everyone involved. This gives a huge energetic benefit to your clients, employees, and/or bosses.

Citrine is a powerful tool for strengthening your lower chakras (energy centers in the body) and supporting your imagination. Most often citrine is associated with the third chakra which is located in our solar plexus. In energetic medicine this area is our power center. If you are looking to increase your personal energy and power citrine will be very helpful. When we feel empowered our intentions become clear. From this point of view manifesting is easy, imagination thrives, and our intuitive centers open.

This cheerful stone is excellent for clearing out negative energy from the home, office or car as well as in personal relationships. Citrine encourages lightness and community building. Because citrine eliminates the negative energy without absorbing it, you have access to a constant stream of transparency that is really beneficial in all areas of life.

Citrine is the ultimate manifesting and success stone. It works to promote abundance in your business or job in many ways. Some people carry it in their pocket or wear it to work. Citrine’s energy is all about generosity and allowing that spirit of giving to flow through you.

If you have digestive issues citrine is thought to bring balance to them as well as support eating disorder recovery. From an internal organ standpoint citrine cleanses the liver and spleen. Citrine is a great stone for building up immune system reserves and boosting the metabolism.

Note that citrine will fade in the sun, best to keep inside out of direct sunlight.

There are a variety of ways to make citrine part of your life. Below are some tried and true suggestions. See what works for you and trust your intuition.

Place citrine on your solar plexus (third chakra) to……

  • Increase self respect

  • Access deeper levels of personal power

  • Raise the vibration of your creativity

  • Connect to your intuitive center (third eye)

Carry citrine to…….

  • Attract abundance

  • Promote generosity and understanding in your daily work

  • When you need assistance with intellectual tasks

  • Support you in professional endeavors

  • Maintain prosperity

Wear citrine to…..

  • Transform negative energy

  • Protect yourself from jealousy

  • Strengthen inner light

  • Attract love and happiness

  • Reduce sensitivity to criticism

Meditate with citrine to……..

  • Manifest your desires

  • Release fears and anger

  • Energize your first three chakras

  • Increase the amount of light around your aura

  • Channel your intuition

  • Activate your subconscious

Place citrine in the your home…..

  • Cleanse the energy of your space

  • Increase prosperity (place it in the wealth corner of your home, the far left corner facing the front door)

  • Encourage happiness and good fortune

  • Protect the energy of the environment