Mineral Therapy // Apophyllite

Contributor: Ashley Neese
Photographer: Ashley Neese
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This gorgeous apophyllite cluster with hints of green came into my life over two years ago during the middle of a Reiki training. The woman that sold it to me said it was amazing for harnessing fairy energy but to be honest that’s never been my thing. Immediately I knew this crystal would assist me in developing my intuition so I took it home and have been working with it ever since.

Apophyllite makes a regular appearance at women’s circles because it keeps the energy of the space clear while at the same time filling it with the vibration of peace. Usually the energy has a thread of anxiety at the beginning of the circle, especially when I hold them on weeknights. Some women drive an hour in traffic to make it so I take my time choosing minerals to effectively assist them.

While I am a big believer of spending lots of time getting to know my minerals and working with their energies before bringing them into a group setting, I also bring some new ones at times because I feel called. Working with crystals is a very creative and non-linear process. The most important aspects are to trust your inner wisdom and make sure your minerals are clear and charged for the occasion.



The name apophyllite refers to a specific group of phyllosilicates, a class of minerals. The name apophyllite is derived from the Greek ἀπόΦυλλίςο apophylliso, meaning “it flakes off”, a reference to this class’s tendency to flake apart when heated, due to water loss. These minerals are typically found as secondary minerals in vesicles in basalt or other volcanic rocks.

Though relatively unfamiliar to the general public, apophyllites are fairly prevalent around the world, with specimens coming from some of the world’s most well-known mineral localities. These localities include: Jalgaon, India; the Harz Mountains of Germany, Mont Saint-Hilaire in Canada, and Kongsberg, Norway, with other locations in Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, and throughout the United States.

Apophyllite has high water content which makes it great for conducting energy. Apophyllite forms cubic or pyramidal crystals that are transparent or opaque. The colors range from white, green, violet, yellow to brown. Apophyllite can also be found in colorless forms.

Apophyllite is a mineral that is often used in energy healing and meditation. The points on each of its tiny pyramids (in a cluster) help increase and direct energy. If you’re looking to establish connection with higher realms and spirits this is your mineral. Apophyllite activates the the sixth and seventh chakras, opening them to insights and visions, making them more sensitive to spiritual energies.

As many of you know I am working on deepening my intuition and developing my clairvoyant channels. Each time I set out to practice apophyllite is close by. This mineral enhances the learning process while helping me stay focused and organized. As a highly creative person with loads of ideas and inspirations, I need extra support staying grounded and keeping my practices in line.

Apophyllite helps to correct energy imbalances and intensify the energy of spaces. It’s a great mineral to take to classes when working with groups because it amplifies healing work. Apophyllite is often referred to as The Reiki Stone because it has the ability to break through negative thought patterns which are directly related to a person’s ability to heal. Apophyllite also carries a very grounding energy which helps anyone that uses it to relax deeply.

On a healing level this powerful mineral brings harmony to the soul. If you have a hard time making decisions and/or working with past life healing work with apophyllite daily. Apophyllite aligns with the energy of Gemini and Pisces.


I suggest working with an apophyllite cluster and small pyramid to really get to know their energies. It’s good to become familiar with both as you will want different pieces depending on what you are focusing on.


Meditate with Apophyllite to…..

  • Release mental blocks and limiting thoughts

  • Gain clarity and insight

  • Reflect on your habits and recognize where you need to change


Place a small apophyllite pyramid on your third eye to…..

  • Relieve headaches

  • Freshen up tired eyes

  • Deepen your intuitive center

  • Reduce stress and help you relax

  • Calm the mind from ruminating thoughts

  • Improve memory


Keep apophyllite in your home to…..

  • Send spiritual energy to everyone in the house

  • Keep the vibrations high and peaceful

  • Create connection between the physical and spiritual realms

  • Transmit white light


Carry apophyllite in your medicine bag to…..

  • Link your personal and spiritual power

  • Connect to your ancestors and heal your past

  • Bring suppressed emotions to the surface so that you can work through them

  • Heal your spirit