What is Neuroscience?

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Photographer: Illustration by Ellie Benet Howard.

Needless to say, neuroscience is a complex creature. While this article certainly won’t replace your Intro to Neurobiology course, we hope to give a deeper insight into how your brain chemistry affects your day to day experience and manifestation process. Don’t worry - we’ll keep this at a 30,000-Foot-View.

Why Neuroscience Matters

You may have heard the expression ‘what fires together wires together’. Our brain cells communicate through neurotransmitters. With frequent communication, the connection strengthens and messages begin to transmit faster. With enough repetition, this process can become automatic.

Put simply, practiced behaviors, emotions, and beliefs hardwire into your brain. Without any conscious effort, your most practiced reactions will run on autopilot. This is great if your most practiced state is of happiness, security, and high self-worth. However, most of us are still running our original childhood programming.

This programming lives in the subconscious realm. Think of the subconscious mind as a blank slate, a sponge. Throughout your childhood, this sponge is absorbing information from your environment. You begin to inherit beliefs and ideas (without discernment for what is healthy or toxic).

If you were repeatedly exposed to the idea “I am unlovable” in childhood, those neurons will begin to fire together. Your mind becomes conditioned to believe that you are unlovable. In a conscious state, you may use logic to reason that you are worthy, lovable, and whole; but that doesn’t stop the subconscious program from running on autopilot. While we may not be aware of our subconscious thoughts, they dictate our reactions, habits, and triggers.

How Neuroscience Impacts Manifestation

We manifest what we subconsciously believe we deserve. As you can imagine, if we are still running the ‘unlovable’ programming, our manifestations are limited. We will continue to call in relationships and circumstances that reinforce the same story : that we are unlovable.

In order to raise our subconscious self worth, we must rewire the brain.

How to Change Your Brain

In order to rewire the brain, we must interrupt the ‘autopilot’ by slowing down the brain waves. Through hypnosis and meditation, we can shift our brain waves from beta into alpha or theta; AKA from the conscious to the subconscious mind. In this state, we are primed to identify and replace our limiting belief system.

Through repetition, you can begin to not only release dysfunctional patterns, but also build new neural pathways that affirm your worth. You (and your brain!) have the power to recreate your brain chemistry, your patterns, and your experience. Thanks, neuroplasticity!

You can use positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face - but if you are running outdated programming, you won’t create change in your life.

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Illustration via  Ellie Benet Howard

Illustration via Ellie Benet Howard