Member Highlight I Larry Kessler

Contributor: Larry Kessler
Photographer: Saffron and Sage
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I have been a member of Saffron & Sage since it’s inception a little over a year ago. In that time I have been active almost daily in their Yin and Restorative Yoga practices. And over time, through these gentle classes I have given myself a gift that cannot be ordered by a few clicks on an iPhone. 

At 64 years I find myself stretching my body to places my 24 year old self only once dreamed possible. My skin and my smile just seems brighter to me. (Perhaps some of you will agree. Lol). For these classes in this community built by its founder, her staff, and all the participants bring me an inner calmness and joy that is not easily measured on a receipt for services rendered. 


Interestingly, these yoga classes have lead me to other experiences at S&S including Reiki sessions, cupping, acupuncture, cleansing meditation and more. 

I am curious by nature so browsing and experimenting in these ancient arts with a modern flair have added tangible health and wellness benefits to my life. For example, my acupuncturist has worked with me to “rewire” my energy field, and as a result my eyesight has improved, my sleep is longer and deeper. 

Unlike more formal cookie-cutter driven studios, Saffron & Sage, a true sanctuary is always looking to support their patrons with new offerings be it spiritual, educational and through wonderful boutique, curated products that pair well with their practice offerings. 

Saffron & Sage is now a permanent fixture in my daily gratitude rituals. It is my home. 

Larry Kessler