Mapping Our Emotions Event Recap

Contributor: Monica Dubé
Photographer: Sarah Shreves
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Saffron & Sage held its “Mapping Our Emotions” workshop on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden in Balboa Park. Led by holistic health practitioner, Jacquelyne Price, attendees gathered amongst the color and beauty of the rose garden while taking an intimate look at the ways in which difficult emotions can manifest physically and how these problems should be addressed.



At the outset of the workshop, Jacquelyne took a moment to analyze each participant’s afflicted meridian through non-invasive muscle response testing. Each meridian is essentially an energy pathway that flows throughout the body, and these pathways are related to specific emotions. When illnesses and physical problems suddenly appear, they can often be traced back to an underlying emotional issue that has not been addressed and dealt with, thus blocking the proper flow of energy. Through this analysis, Jacquelyne was able to identify both the physical and emotional source of each participant’s ailments.

The workshop allowed for a space of collective healing, as each participant opened up about difficult emotions in their lives, and the impact of these emotions on their physical health. Amidst the communal energy, Jacquelyne presented in-depth information about the root cause of specific physical issues, and she provided alternative treatment options, including plant-based medicine and nutritional guidance. While the group had a wide range of ailments, one of the most common underlying issues was stress and anxiety, showing just how insidious unchecked emotional distress can be. From resentment over toxic relationships to suppressing guilt and grief, Jacquelyne showed how these emotions can manifest as physical problems, including intestinal discomfort, kidney pain, and heart palpitations.

The body inherently wants to heal, and by making us aware of its pain, it forces us to take a personal inventory of our emotions so we can identify the root cause. As the group learned during the workshop, we need to listen to our body when it’s telling us that something is wrong. If need be, the physical problem will escalate until we are forced to look at what is causing us pain—and oftentimes, it all comes down to repressed emotion. For example, if you allow yourself to become caught up in a toxic relationship, you are also allowing that person to take energy away from you, leading to bitter resentment. This buildup of stress can weaken the immune system over time, leaving the body vulnerable to parasites, viruses, and infection. By setting boundaries and letting go of what’s parasitic in your life, you can restore the healthy balance of your body and expel unwanted negative energy.

As the workshop came to a close, the evening ended with a 15-minute guided meditation and visualization. During the meditation, participants were able to visualize their difficult emotions and the corresponding solution, allowing them to experience the process and gain closure in a meaningful way. In the presence of like-minded individuals, each participant was able to learn from each other’s experiences within a collective space of serenity.

Want to experience the “Mapping Our Emotions” workshop for yourself? Register here to join us tomorrow, July 31st, from 11:00am–1:00pm in Balboa Park. See you there!