Letting Go

A Manifesto for the Brave

Let go, even if you know your heart will be broken. It is better to lose an old love than to lose oneself.
Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Sarah Shreves
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Whatever it is that is weighing your heart down, let it go.

Let go of grudges that leave nothing but toxic waste in your inner soul. Break free from the clutches of old hurts, even when the miserable voice in your head attempts to convince you that nothing but betrayal awaits you. Pain shudders at the first sight of love, for love cures deep wounds and forgives the “unforgivable.”

Shake off the “what-ifs” and “if-onlys.” The world is already full of doubts and regrets; it can’t bear the weight of any more of your feelings of uncertainty and remorse. Instead, live your life with faith and courage—only then can you let go of your deepest fears.
For far too long, fear has crippled you to cling on to toxic relationships or stay in jobs that offer you nothing except boredom or apathy. It’s time to let go. Be not afraid to weed out people in your life who no longer share your vision and values, for they tend to shackle you in a place of grief, pulling you down as you struggle to soar to your own happy place.

Letting Go

Let go, even if you know your heart will be broken. It is better to lose an old love than to lose oneself.


Unburden yourself with the little details, many of which don’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. Don’t stress if your daughter decides to make tents out of freshly folded blankets; instead, step into her fantasy world and be the princess that shares a cup of tea under a makeshift tent. If you let go of the little things and focus on what truly matters, the world will look much different through your happy lens—full of laughter and meaning.
Find the time to do some spring-cleaning in your life, throwing out everything that falls under the “old and unused” category. Who needs the extra baggage of past pains when you can start life fresh, starting today?
But why do we cling on to those that hurt us? Why is it often so difficult to let go? We hold on—to unhappy marriages, one-way friendships and miserable jobs—because we don’t think we deserve better. We fear that we are not pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough… good enough.