Full Moon In Pisces

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Saffron & Sage
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You can harness the moon's energy two days before and after a full moon; if you missed our full moon circle on August 26, 2018 here is Integrative Healer, Rob Nguyen's take on this celestial event and his suggestions for incorporating the moon's energy during this time of the month.



La luna washes over us with a peaceful full moon this August 26th in the axis of Pisces. Virgo, the dedicator and hardworker, arrives with a grounding force as well as she intros into her solar season. After a summer of three chamred eclipses and multiple retrogrades, we finally arrive with a product of the SELF after releasing from relationships, past structures, and unworthy programs that have hindered our bio and emotional intelligence. With the waves of chaos slowing into a calm, we can DREAM again. 

The sacred Pisces inspires us to LATHER ourselves in the freedom to dance expressively under the rays of this weekend's moonlight. Prosperity arrives for you when you trust in the universe. She has your back and wants to see what you can give and gift to the people and community in your life. Full Moon Mantra: I AM PROTECTED.  

Axis of Pisces - lunation of consciousness, peace, wisdom, and artistic expression

Yin Yoga poses for the feet ruled Pisces: toe squat, ankle stretch, dragon, dangling, square, tadpole

Crystal that illuminates this moon: Moon Stone celebrates the watery moon and pisces element and sustains emotional trauma and past wounds that may come knocking on our door.

Essential OilFrankincense inspires for spiritual protection in realms of shadow attachment and looping in pessimism.