Full Moon in Libra

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Saffron & Sage
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You can harness the moon's energy two days before and after a full moon; if you missed our full moon circle on March 29, 2018 here is Integrative Healer, Rob Nguyen's take on this celestial event and his suggestions for incorporating the moon's energy during this time of the month.


A S T R O L O G Y : 

A firestorm of extreme emotions are upon us as the Blue Full Moon falls on March 31st. The Sun aligns with the assertive Aries this month while the Moon mediates in the lovely Libra. This full moon is in conjunction with Mercury retrograde. These two occurrences collaborate to raise the stakes: high anxiety, communication errors, and technology failures, but also that same sadness and loneliness our dear Elvis sang about. 

This cosmic phenomenon challenges us to strategize our words with our soulmates and leave room to ultimately accept forgiveness when any unintentional offense has been taken. To celebrate the social peacemaker, Libra, how do you PRESENT your emotions to recognize your PERSONAL awareness? Find the balance of speaking your TRUTH while getting your message across without exuding ambiguity. 

Axis of Libra: archetype of the and relationship equilibrist, beautifier, mediator

T H E   P H Y S I C A L :

Libra rules the lumbar region / to include the kidneys, low back, buttocks

Yin Yoga poses for clearing blockages associated to Libran traits: half butterfly, sphinx & seal, stirrup, square

Crystal that illuminates this moon: Turquoise allows you to see and speak about the beauty in every conversation and decreases pollution in your personal yin/yang connection. 

Essential Oil: 

  • Basil will effectively dissipate fatigue from the endocrine system, especially the adrenals in the kidneys; leaving the emotional and physical body ready to respond to stress rather than aggresively reacting to it. 


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