February I Embrace

Contributor: Cristin Smith
Photo: Sarah Kunst
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Since I started Saffron & Sage, we have had a seasonal guide that has served as our center. It has been a beneficial tool to direct our focus and energy both individually and organizationally. 

Each season has a very specific invitation. Winter is a season that most of us who are native to California find the most discomfort with. It is a time for drawing inward and slowing down. These experiences are often met with anxiety and discomfort and so we tend to avoid them.

Winter is the season that is associated with the element of water. As we reflect on the qualities of water we're reminded of its calming effect. Just as a body of water serves as a container, Winter serves as a space to store our energy and build strength for the coming Spring. 

Now a full month into the New Year we are in the heart of Winter as a new calendar month unfolds. February is often seen as a second start to the year, and in Chinese culture it is the New Year. This Chinese New Year we will come together with Enclave, a local farm-to-table catering company, to host a Chinese New Year Circle at the newly opened Broadstone MQ. This celebration will be a multi-sensory experience to delight the senses. This month presents us with another chance to begin anew, to integrate life giving routines, and to transform us from the inside out. 

Each month we identify a theme that embodies our intention and allows us to sink deeper into the teaching of that season. February invites us to embrace our unique energy and identity. It's no surprise that in Winter our aim is to support the kidneys. We need to keep them warm and hydrated which is why the practices of Hygge are important. This Danish tradition teaches us to hibernate and settle into our socks and ourselves. 

Bringing us back to this image of water we are to embrace our energetic boundaries just like the beaches that serve as the water's edge. This month I invite you to reflect on how you are being called to collect your identity. Have your energetic or emotional boundaries been permeable? Have you allowed others to enrcoach upon your unique space? Have you given away your energy and vitality? 

Remember, this takes time to explore. How can you carve out space this month to sit with these questions and practice the lost art of contemplation? Take this opportunity to marry contemplation with the coziness practices expressed in Hygge.

Once you have identified your energetic leaks and come to notice where your emotional boundaries are weak we can explore ways to nourish your spirit - think soup and energy therapy sessions. 

This month you can purchase 2 sessions at Member rate and receive a special gift with purchase. Is a mineral massage or facial rejuvenation session calling your name? If so, call or click to book. 

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It is a powerful element with the ability to exist in three distinct forms - solid, liquid and gas. How are you being invited to embrace your many dimensions? 

Water supports life and it is the primary element that our bodies are made of. Delve deeper into the science and spirituality of water this month by watching Dr. Emoto's ground breaking documentary on Water. 

This month we have curated a handful of experiences to support you in your journey inward - your journey to embrace your distinct self. 

1. Walk & Talk - Start slow. If you don't want to rock the boat but want to begin through conversation with other women on a similar path, this gathering facilitates a curated conversation around energy leaks and honoring your sacred self. We will depart from the club house and connect with one another on an urban excursion from Mission Hills to Little Italy where we will settle in for coffee and conversation at James Coffee. If this is for you save your spot because it's only 3 days away!

2. The Sex Talks | Sexuality & Intimacy - Two taboo subjects that go untouched are going to be the topic of conversation. This is sure to be an afternoon to delight the senses as our panel of Practitioners walks us through the different dimensions of embracing our sexuality and exploring authentic intimacy. Science and spirituality converge as we come together to talk about desires and hormones, connection and expression. Our panels are popular and since this one is just before Valentine's Day, I encourage you to sign up soon!

3. Cooking Club | Therapeutic Truffles - Need I say anything else?! This is the ultimate Galentine's or Valentine's experience. Learn to make therapeutic truffles, hand made with adaptogenic herbs, essential oils and superfoods. What's more?! This evening is facilitated by our very own Avery Geary, Nutritionist & Concierge, alongside one of our amazing Members Chef Alicia Torres Candé. Chef Alicia has cooked in Michelin Star restaurants throughout Mexico City and is now the founder of her very own gourmet food company. This is an event you won't want to miss. There's still time to snag your tickets!

4. Full Moon Circle - This monthly ritual is an experience like no other. We gather together to release what is no longer serving us and to embrace the beauty of what is emerging from within. Together we partake in a traditional cacao ceremony to open our heart and mind to the emerging energies and honor this passage with movement, meditation and energy clearing. Continue your journey in community and connect with yourself, others, and the rhythms of nature to align your body, mind and spirit. This is an intimate gathering and space is limited,  reserve your place in the circle today.

As you can see, February presents us with a host of opportunities to embrace our beauty and honor our boundaries. If you would like some guidance on where to begin I invite you to book a complimentary consultation where you can discover what might serve you best. 

Blessings upon this new month. May you embrace the invitation of contemplation and connection. -Cristin