Colonics: How to Properly Care for your Colon

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Sarah Shreves
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Making sure that your colon is in tip top shape is not only important for digestive health but also your overall wellness. Research has shown that colon health is closely related to a properly functioning nervous system. This link is being further explored in its connection to mental health and wellness. In the future, probiotic colon therapies could be prescribed alongside other medicines to treat diseases like schizophrenia and depression. 

Living inside your colon are millions of bacteria. Have no fear, these little bugs are no free-loaders. Most of the bacteria that reside in your colon provide a multitude of health benefits. First, certain species of bacteria can produce vitamin K (often found in leafy green vegetables), which is an important component used in blood clotting.  One of their most important functions is to prevent inflammation. Nonpathogenic bacteria (do not cause disease) prevent pathogenic bacteria (disease causing) to become overgrown. If pathogenic bacteria become too numerous, they can irritate the lining of the colon causing inflammation and an overproduction of mucous. This can lead to sluggishness and pain. 


If you are irregular or have infrequent bowl movements, pathogenic bacteria can begin to overwhelm the beneficial bacteria within your colon. An all-natural option to cleanse your colon of harmful bacteria is colonic hydrotherapy. While traditional enemas are conducted at home, colonic hydrotherapy is conducted by a certified health professional reducing the risk of discomforting results. Similar to an enema, colonic hydrotherapy flushes out harmful bacteria and mucous buildup in the large intestine. 

While colonic hydrotherapy can be very beneficial for clearing out a sluggish colon, the overuse of this practice can actually lead to an increased growth of harmful bacteria if too much beneficial bacteria is also flushed away. To counteract this problem, ask your practitioner about adding a probiotic to the water used in your session of colonic hydrotherapy or take a regular probiotic supplement. 

Colonic hydrotherapy is one of the many options that can be used to improve colon health leading to an improvement in overall wellness. Stay tuned for more blog posts related to colon health and all-natural ways to maintain a healthy amount of beneficial gut bacteria.