Aloe: The Healer—In & Out

Contributor: Ruben Tapia
Photographer: Taylor Balding
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What first comes to mind when you think about Aloe Vera? Do you envision it growing in the wild or think about it being made into salves and tonics? In either instance it is one of the most well-known and versatile healing plants available.

This easy-to-cultivate plant should be a staple in every home. The benefits of aloe range from cut and burn healing and skin hydration, as well as digestive health support.


Is your summer fun causing some burn blues? Aloe can be a great way to expedite the time it takes for your skin to heal. When you get burned it is best to initially treat the burned area with cool water, then apply a gentle non-toxic moisturizer. This will help the skin to first regather some sapped moisture. Then you can apply some raw aloe within a few hours after moisturizing. 

To start using your aloe plant therapeutically follow these short easy steps.

  1. Get a paring knife, small bowl, and a spoon
  2. Using the paring knife, cut an aloe leaf from its base
  3. Laying the leaf flat, cut the leaf in half vertically
  4. Spoon the leaf’s contents into the bowl
  5. Apply as needed

Be sure to only apply on burned skin after you have rinsed it off with cool water and applied moisturizer. This is important because applying the aloe immediately traps the heat from the burn and can aggravate the affected area.

When it is time to apply the raw aloe, spread it evenly across the burned or cut area, and allow it to air dry for about an hour. Afterwards gently rinse off the aloe and repeat the process over again. 

This same process can be used to make a super-hydrating facemask—with no necessary additives. Using aloe can be a great way to cleanse and revitalize your skin with the same simple preparation process. 

But are external uses all that the Aloe Vera plant has to offer us? Not at all. The topical benefits are just the beginning! Because aloe is so outstanding as an external hydrator and healer, many are surprised to learn that it works just as well inside our bodies as it does on the surface. 

Aloe Vera helps lower cholesterol and enhances the body’s ability to process vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Aloe supports our intestines naturally by stimulating healthy bowel movements. Aloe, with its innumerable health benefits, is truly a plant we can rely on to nourish and heal the body.