All About Beauty Tools + Using Them in Your Routine

Contributor: Province Apothecary
Photographer: Province Apothecary
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There are so many beauty tools on the market it’s hard to know what to use and why, not to mention when.  Our guide will help you use these popular tools of the trade effectively, giving your skin exactly what it needs! A little love and attention everyday will provide your skin with long lasting benefits.

Beauty Tools are the perfect add-ons to your skincare regime and can really help to target specific concerns and support your general skin health overall. Choose which tools work best for you and combine them to create your ideal routine. 

We suggest following our Complete Daily Workout Routine, which combines our Facial Dry Brushing Ritual with our Natural Facelift Ritual and a selection of skincare products. Beauty Tool + Massage + Products = the ultimate routine for radiant skin! 

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The Province Apothecary Complete Daily Workout Routine:

Begin with Facial Dry Brushing to gently awaken your lymphatic system and detoxify the skin. 

Follow with our Natural Facelift Ritual which begins with acupressure points, then uses toner and serum to perform a manual facial massage that works deep into the muscles, rather than on the surface level where the lymph lies. It also helps a toner + serum absorb into the skin completely, so we recommend this for all skin types and all concerns.  


1. Facial Dry Brushing Ritual using Daily Glow brush

*if you cleanse in the morning, cleanse here

2. Acupressure points

3. Apply Toner + Serum using Natural Facelift Ritual Massage

4. Finishing Products - Eye serum, moisturizer, face balm, etc.  

Beauty  Tools

Dry Brush

What is it: Small brush with either natural or synthetic fibres intended for use on dry skin only.

Good For: Supporting and encouraging the normal lymph flow within the body to detoxify itself.  A natural-bristled facial brush is very gentle and intended for use with very light pressure, so it’s suitable for all skin types for everyday use.  This tool directly affects our lymphatic system, which is responsible for our immune strength and physiological health which shows on our skin and in our emotions. Read more about the lymphatic system HERE

When to use: First thing in the morning on clean and dry skin, before any other product or tool.

Gua Sha Stones / Jade Roller

What is it:  Jade stone crafted and polished into ergonomic stones or a rolling tool. Jade is a revered healing and protective stone that has a naturally low temperature. 

Good For: Soothing and contouring the skin to help sculpt cheekbones and jawline as well as lifting the eye area.  We believe this stone is best used after giving yourself a facial massage that has increased circulation and activated warmth in the skin.  

Combine a warming facial massage and cooling jade stones is a similar principle to “contrast therapy” or “hot/cold immersion therapy”. When the skin is warmer than it’s resting body temperature, your blood vessels dilate allowing increased flow of nutrients.  Applying a cold stone after this will constrict the blood vessels and encourage toxins to be flushed out of your system. The body naturally detoxifies,  but this practice will only intensify the benefits!

When to use: After our Natural FaceLift Ritual facial massage. Ensure there is still serum on the skin so it is not dragged or pulled when using stones or a roller.