A Seasonal Tea Guide: Spring

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Sarah Shreves
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Each spring, tea lovers anxiously await the first tea harvest of the year. This season has tea drinkers on edge for one particular reason: the freshest tea is produced and sold in the spring. Bolder tastes and punctuated flavors often serve as overarching themes of this season’s favored and freshest teas. Spring teas also tend to be crisper and more fragrant. According to Chinese tradition, different flavors of tea are better suited for different seasons. While this may be up to personal preference and availability of tea flavors, it’s interesting to note that this tradition states that drinking scented tea in spring helps the human body release and rid itself of harmful pathogens. We’ve compiled a list of five teas to try this season, some of which are harvested in spring and some of which we simply tend to favor in the spring season. 

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1. Mango & Bergamot Green Tea

The citrusy scents of mango and bergamot pair insanely well with the earthy flavorings of green tea. A Japanese Sencha base throws an herbaceous taste into the mix, making this tea an excellent addition to any warm, spring afternoon. The scent of bergamot can also bring healing to anxious minds.

2. Lemon Tea

Lemon is a well-known detoxifying agent favored and adored by many. Skip the coffee and let the zesty lemon taste serve as an instant morning pick me up. In aromatherapy, the scent of lemon also helps to clear the mind and improve a sour mood. Lemons are also packed with vitamin C, which strengthens and supports a healthy immune system. 

3. Organic Spring Jasmine

Jasmine buds synthesize with Chinese green tea leaves for a floral and sweetly perfumed experience. This antioxidant packed blend can aid the body in reducing free radicals and in turn, help to slow the effects of aging. Jasmine is also used to support uterine health in aromatherapy, as it assists the body in secreting certain beneficial hormones. Aromatherapists also recommend jasmine to those who suffer from asthma and spasmodic coughing.  

4. Japanese Sencha

Sencha is a famous Japanese tea that is highly sought after in the spring harvest. In its newly plucked phase, sencha is often referred to as “shincha” and must be brewed within the first weeks of harvest to ensure the strongest and best taste. Though you can drink sencha in any season, it is preferred in the spring by tea connoisseurs. Verdant properties combine with a fruity fragrance in this brew.

5. First-Flush Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a special tea because of how and where it’s made. The Darjeeling region of India is located between the rough terrain of the Tibetan Himalayan Mountains and the surrounding deep valleys. Because this location can be difficult to access, Darjeeling is oftentimes seen as one of the most precious teas in the world. An astringent quality blends with citrus scents in this Indian black tea. 

What are some of your favorite teas to drink in the spring season? Dialogue with us in the comment section below.