Spring Cleaning: Part 1

Contributor: Tisha Morris
Photographer: Saffron & Sage
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This year is ripe for new beginnings, new relationships, new projects, new businesses, and new belief systems, making it is more necessary than ever to release any old energy holding you back. Anything past-related that needs to go is somewhere in your home in the form of clutter. 

With the warmer weather, there’s an innate desire to feel lighter – whether it’s our weight, our clothes, or our home.  It’s the time of year when cleaning, purging, and decluttering no longer feel like a chore, but instead feel easy, freeing, and even compulsive at times.

As new energy pours in with the sun, what is no longer needed or wanted becomes much clearer. What felt like a security blanket just months ago will now feel like a barbell weighing you down.

If you were tripping over old fears and blocks, you may notice them lifting. The energy of lack and fear, which are stumbling blocks to decluttering, are not as loud now as they were in Winter when the energy was about endings and completions rather than new beginnings.

In this Spring Cleaning Series you will get the tips and insights on the best way to clear out the past to pave the way for the future. To get you started, here are some of my favorite quick tips.

  • Start with easy stuff first, not the emotionally drenched items that take you down a rabbit hole of paralysis. Freeing up energy will give you extra energy later on when it's time to tackle the tough stuff.

  • We all have our vices whether it is clothes, magazines, or papers. Tackle those areas and then set up rules for yourself to reduce future intake or consumption of these items.

  • If losing weight is part of your spring clearing, then clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Throw out any outdated items and get rid of any items that do not fit within your diet.

  • Work in baby steps. Instead of vowing to clean out every closet in your home, just set out to clean one. If you finish it, then you will be more likely to want to move on to the next one.