Contributor: Lacy Phillips
Photographer: Lacy Phillips
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What we don’t own in ourselves, we project onto others. Therefore, we attract others with the qualities that we have denied in ourselves, for everything and everyone that comes into our life (lessons) is a mirror inviting us to reintegrate what we’ve denied in ourselves. We’ll continue to attract the same type of people until we reintegrate those denied qualities.

A very integral part of my process, which you won’t find in New Age Manifestation books, is that The Universe sends us tests and lessons.

Everything in life is a lesson. Nothing is good for you and nothing is bad for you, everything is an opportunity for growth. It’s an invitation to become whole. However, when you don’t learn your lessons, meaning you haven’t detected what needs to be re-integrated, The Universe continues to send you the same subjects over and over until you do. For instance, if you don’t like a certain type of woman but find that you keep attracting that type of friendship into your life, it is because you are denying the very qualities - that are activating you in these women - in yourself. Until you learn your lessons, integrate, and move on, it will be the same thing over and over in a different shape and body. 

Once you do learn the lesson by detecting, shift the aspect of denied self, and integrate, you are now open to begin attracting in something more in alignment with what you’re wanting (and you). Because of human nature, we tend to desire more than we already have. For this reason, we tend to call in subjects that are greater than where we are at currently. May it be a better job, bigger raise, a house, a healthier balanced successful partner than the not so healthy, imbalanced, unsuccessful one’s we’ve had in the past.

The moment you initiate calling in this greater subject to The Universe, through your list, you will then begin to receive tests, which is The Universe testing your self-worth, if you truly have integrated past lessons, and if you will settle for less than what you are asking for.

You can make your list, you can expand your belief system, you can do as many kriyas and mantras as you want (which I do recommend – check out RA MA TV & Benshen), but if you haven’t reintegrated denied aspects of yourself or shifted other blocks that prevent you from being in alignment (whole) with the subject you’re calling in, it can’t come through.

You might even think what you wanted showed up, but the same issues will begin to arise when the newness has worn off.

Every single one of us on this planet has denied aspects of ourselves. That’s what creates polarity. I don’t care if you’re the most enlightened guru that’s walked the planet, I can guarantee that there are still denied aspects of yourself. Why? Because we can’t actually see them. It takes negative emotion, projections, and having them mirrored back to you for you to see them. The ego loves thinking that we have it all figured out.

This is why I invite negative thoughts, talk, and judgment into Manifestation. It’s also why I believe that it doesn’t affect people’s practice or the ability to call in subjects. How do you know if you have denied aspects of self? You do. But a great way to start uncovering as to what they might be is paying attention to, guess what: your judgments of other people and yourself!!!! What activates you most about someone else is a great window into what you were forced to deny in yourself through childhood, societal programming, media, or peer programming.