Deep Imagining

Contributor: Lacy Phillips
Photographer: Lacy Phillips
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I've created a deep imagining to allow you to perform a little brainwork through Neuroplacticity.


Beforehand, I’d love for you to get out your journal and do some investigative writing on one limiting belief of self that has been eating away at you lately. Maybe it's, "I'm not lovable. Nobody can love me until I change blank about myself. I'm not smart and what if everyone figures it out?"

Take five minutes to walk through these four steps.

INVENTORY | When this belief arises and the emotions attached to it, witness it. Don’t try to stuff it down, or move onto a positive thought, affirmation, etc. It’s important to dig and deal with it.  What’s up? What is the issue? How does this activation make you feel?

DIG | Where in your life did you pick up this programming that created this belief? Really cruise back. Was it society? Old family karma? Something you were made to feel fearful about when you were young? Really dig. Where did you pick this up? Explore, explore, explore. When you think you’ve arrived, try digging even deeper. Pinpoint. A great exercise for this is to close your eyes and use Breath of Fire for two minutes. See what is on the other end of those two minutes. 

LOGIC | Now it’s time to swap out that all old programming, which isn’t true, and swap it with some hardcore logic. A new story. Something more powerful and fearless than the old programming but truthful and close enough to believe.


Now that you have pinpointed your limiting belief and your new logical truth, you are ready to relax, close your eyes, and drift off into this deep imagining. I recommend finding a space where you won’t be distracted by exterior noises, and the use of an eye-pillow or mask are very helpful.