Contributor: Lacy Phillips
Photographer: Lacy Phillips
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The Universe gives back to those that give to themselves.

I personally had to learn this. And then I’ve further gotten to watch this ring more and more true within my practice. Clients often ask, “why am I not feeling the contact I usually (or used to) feel with The Universe?” I’ll ask if they’ve been centering themselves lately, and doing “the work”  to shift blocks (energy that doesn’t serve them, low self-worth, limiting beliefs…). Have they been doing the self-care they need? And without fail, the answer is always no.

Contact with The Universe is always present and connected. It never goes anywhere. It’s actually you that intermittently loses your center, which parlays into feeling disconnected.

My theory regarding The Universe and Manifestation is that its main intention is to assist us in becoming our most evolved versions of self. Therefore, the closer we get to becoming whole/integrated, the more we are rewarded with the subjects we’re calling in.

So, the moment we cast our “lists” (not out of ego), expand our beliefs through “seeing is believing”, and pass lessons and tests, The Universe can send our manifestations through if we’ve healed and shifted the blocks preventing us from the subject we’re calling in.

Giving back to yourself means mind, body and spirit. The body aspect is balanced through movement and balanced nourishment. The spirit is balanced through meditatively slowing down, and leaning into the authentic flow of your spirit. And the mind is balanced through healing and shifting blocks.