Full Moon in Taurus

Contributor: Cristin D. Smith
Photographer: Saffron & Sage
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The November Full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon. Algonquin tribes gave the November moon its name because it coincided with the time of year when they would set traps for beavers to ensure they had enough furs to last through Winter.  It is also referred to as the Full Frost Moon as this was around the time when the first frost comes.

As the weather continues to cool this Frost Moon in Taurus beckons us to hold fast to what is unfolding before us and be present in the moment. 

The Taurus energy creates a container for the ocean of emotion that Scorpio brings forth; therefore inviting us to look down and explore what lies within. This Moon highlights Autumn's invitation to grieve for what never was or what can no longer be. What wisdom is coming forth from letting go? What grace is being given as you move forward?

It's important to shift our attention away from what we're "losing" or "letting go of" and to our own inner beauty and embrace our power. Now is the time to connect deeply with your true essence and remember your worth.


When we let go of what no longer serves us we do well to return to our desires. What is it we are really after? What is the essence of our longing? 

This Full Moon draws us deeper into the mystery of our desire and how that ties into our purpose. The theme is alignment and in order for that to occur we have to eliminate and remove that which is hindering harmony. 

You might find yourself flooded with emotion this lunar cycle. The trick is to bring awareness to these experiences and give them a name. By identifying them we reduce the emotional toll they take and turn towards stability. In addition to identification we can find stability by stepping into spaces like forests. Sit next to a stream or a tree. These places more deeply connect us to the Beaver Moon and her qualities bringing strength and stability. 

This is a great time to use grounding essential oils like Balance or Cedarwood. These oils pass on the energetic properties of these plants enhancing our embrace of calm, connection and creation. 

While using the oils or out in nature explore the foundation you are standing on and what you stand for. 

Spend some time exploring your values. Name 5 of your core values. 

By identifying our values we connect more deeply to our true nature and come closer to living congruently with our heart's desire.  

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