Humans and the Lunar Cycle

Contributor: Saffron & Sage
Photographer: Sarah Shreves
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When we think of our beings, we may not all think of them being connected to celestial beings. However, we do have a deep connection to the moon and the lunar cycle. 

The lunar cycle is all about the movement of the moon and how it relates to Earth. As we orbit the sun, our moon orbits us, taking about 27 days to do so. In this time, we see the moon in different lights and in different forms (half-moon, crescent, etc.) 

The moon has always been an important figure in human history. For centuries, it has been thought that the moon has severe effects on human mood and behavior. From Shakespeare’s Othello to fears of Transylvania’s werewolves to the suggested increases of hospital visits and accidents, people seem to have always suggested caution when it comes to the full moon. 


There is a theory that the full moon does affect us in a way, however—though not directly. Our subconscious has a major effect on our day to day living, whether we realize it or not. The theory lies in the preconceptions we have about the full moon and our brains bringing them forth from our subconscious into our conscious mind, resulting in more erratic decision making and rash choices. 

The changes in mood and behavior that we see are related to the way our brains react to the preconceived notions we have to the full moon, and our emotional reactions may not always entirely be in our control.

With all of this discussion of emotions, many think that women are more affected by the lunar cycle than men. While it may not be true when it comes to emotions and erratic behavior, there is some fact in the lunar cycle affecting women in a bigger way. 

The lunar cycle is also related to our menstrual cycle, known as a moon cycle. Women are naturally synced with the lunar cycle, and our internal cycles parallel the moon’s.  For women who do not take a birth control and are naturally synced with the moon, menstruation will take place around the new moon, and ovulation will take place at the full moon. As well, the length of the menstrual cycle is related to the waxing and waning period of the moon. 

Seeing if your body is synced with the moon can be a wonderful, natural way to see if your menstrual cycle is healthy. If not, not to worry! If you want to, there are ways to alter the timing of your cycle. Mindbodygreen suggests going out into the moonlight and taking notes on how your cycle behaves. Eventually your body will end up realigning itself naturally. 

There is a grain of truth when it comes to the moon affecting us. Use it to your advantage and better your body and mind with our celestial friend!