8 Essential Oils for Spring

Contributor: Kari Skaflen
Photographer: Sarah Shreves
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Spring is the smell of wet earth, the opening of long shut windows, the vibrant yellows, reds and purples of tulips— a time when everything is possible.  Sloughing off winter sweaters, we embrace the lightness and the lucidity of spring with open hearts. Essential oils are fantastic tools to usher in the new season and celebrate its fecundity. We’ve explored 8 essential oils here whose particular benefits make the transition to spring all the more enjoyable and refreshing. 

Saffron & Sage Doterra, Geranium

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a fresh, vibrant scent that awakens the spirit and also works as a natural antiseptic. It’s wonderful for soothing irritated skin and helps eradicate seasonal breakouts. It also enhances the immune system and supports the respiratory system as we transition from those winter days into the warmth and sunshine of spring. 

2. Bergamot Oil

Derived from fruit, bergamot oil is sunshine in a bottle with a bright and tangy scent, balanced by a touch of earthy undertones. Bergamot is helpful in times of stress or emotional lows, as it helps not only calm and soothe, but also adds cheer to your day when you need it. 

3. Grapefruit Oil

Considering a springtime cleanse? Grapefruit oil helps the lymphatic system cleanse and reduces water-retention; it also stimulates the liver and gallbladder, stepping up the spring cleansing. Further, it’s a powerful appetite regulator; it helps nip cravings in the bud and is frequently used to treat anorexia and bulimia. And last, but not least, this oil supports hair growth for flowing summer locks. 

4. Lemongrass Oil

Tone up for summer swim-suits with lemongrass oil. This luscious oil is a fantastic tissue and muscle strengthener. Lemongrass oil helps the body’s ligaments and connective tissues to regenerate, and it also works to promote circulation and fortifies vascular walls. It has even helped with varicose veins! 

5. Vetiver Oil

This woodsy-scented oil helps activate blood supply and circulation, increasing the body’s ability to detox. Vetiver oil can also boost red blood cells, bringing more oxygen to the brain for better mental focus and clarity— and helping to treat ADHD. Plus vetiver oil can balance the central nervous system. So while you may want to be outside romping in the sunshine, vetiver helps you focus and get the job done. 

6. Ylang Ylang Oil

It’s spring! Put on a pretty sundress, walk barefoot in the grass, and let your femininity flow with Ylang Ylang oil. This sweet, floral scent is a mood booster and stress reliever with antidepressant qualities. And our favorite reason to wear this scent: it’s aphrodisiac powers.

7. Citronella Oil

With spring showers come... the bugs! Keep them at bay with this natural mosquito repellent. There’s no need to use odious chemicals on your skin when the natural power of citronella is readily available. 

8. Carrot Oil

This common root vegetable makes an oil that is fantastic for skin care. Slough off those winter skin cells and moisturize with carrot oil. It works well for mature skin as well as those with acne. It’s used to treat psoriasis and even cellulite. Another major bonus: it stimulates regeneration of liver cells. 

The oils listed above are wonderful diffused in water, mixed with carrier oils, and often all on their own. Always follow recommended instructions for best use.