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DWELL | Summer Solstice Circle

  • Saffron & Sage 2555 State Street San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)
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The beginning of each season is marked by a Solstice or Equinox - the point during the Earth's orbit around the sun in which it is at its least (Equinox) or greatest (Solstice) distance from the celestial equator.

On the Summer Solstice we mark the longest day of the year above the equator and the point in which the sun starts rising later and setting earlier.

"Solstice" comes from the Latin solsitium, or "sun stands still" named for the appearance of the sun on this first day of summer that appears to stand still reaching its highest point in the sky. 

Ancient cultures around the world have long observed the Summer Solstice with festivals and celebrations honoring the change of seasons and shifting their postures and practices to reflect the seasonal invitation.

In Summer we are invited to embrace the way of the Visionary as we embrace wisdom and discernment aligning our actions with our true nature. It is a time to swim into the deep allowing projects and relationships to unfold to their full potential. That which was budding in Spring is coming to full bloom in Summer.

We will engage in gentle movements that encourage our body and mind to let go and lean into the Summer theme of expansion.

Through chanting and meditation we will connect to our heart center clearing away old energy, shedding protective layers by leaning into the present to savor the moment, and allow time to flow by.

$50 Non-members | $40 Members