We dream of a world where humanity lives therapeutically and sustainably.

We contribute to the fulfillment of this dream by creating multi-sensory educational spaces where we connect communities with consciously curated practitioners, places, practices, and products.


Saffron is a spice taken from the brightly colored flower, ‘Crocus Sativus.’ Historically, Saffron has been used for over 4,000 years in the treatment of over 90 illnesses. In ancient Persia the spice was essential in creating textiles, dyes, and perfumes. In the early 1700’s Saffron’s list price on the commodities exchange was equivalent to gold. Today, Saffron remains one of the world’s most costly spices.

Modern research studies show that the spice possesses anti-carcinogenic (cancer-suppressing), anti-mutagenic (mutation-preventing) and antioxidant-like properties. It's red-orange color signifies the burning away of darkness and bringing forth light and knowledge. Saffron continues to remind us that the quest for justice comes through sacrifice. A representation of both pain and passion, absorbing trauma and releasing compassion, we are invited to let go of that which binds us and holds us back. 


Sage, ‘Salvia,’ derives from the Latin 'Salvere,' meaning, "to feel well and healthy, to heal; prosperity or salvation." This herb was historically cultivated in monastery gardens and was used throughout history for nearly every ailment. The herb was often referred to as S. Salvatrix, Sage the Savior, and was used to ward off the plague. Now, modern science reveals the reasons the herb was so treasured: it is antibiotic, anti-fungal, astringent, antispasmodic, estrogenic, and hypoglycemic.

It's beautiful green color is representative of nature and our habitat. It symbolizes growth and regeneration, bringing forth balance and harmony to our lives. Sage, ‘Sophos’ in the Greek, is an ancient symbol for wisdom, used to describe a person of profound wisdom who offers guidance. The Sage serves to remind others of who they are and encourages them on their journey of becoming more fully themselves.




Together we are Saffron & Sage. We are founded on the belief that every human life is valuable, more precious than gold. We believe that every person possesses the capacity for resilience and that the environment in which we call home, can in fact be renewed. We believe that, even though we are surrounded by disease and darkness, light can, and will, make its passage through.

We concur with the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, who writes, "Ruin is the road to transformation," and activist Dr. King who taught that, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that."  We hold true to the claim found in an ancient holy text that, "Beauty will rise from the ashes." We believe that it is possible to alter our course and begin a new journey; a pilgrimage that is also the destination, a therapeutic and sustainable life.