Energy Therapy is the metaphysical language of the body, mind and spirit. Combining specific energy techniques we can navigate through our own inner wisdom and support our self-healing. Energy healing sessions can be facilitated standing up or lying down. Mineral therapy and Aromatherapy can be used to enhance energy therapy and is used at the client's preference and Practitioner's discretion. If you prefer to book based upon Practitioner and allow them to customize your session click here otherwise you can select the energy therapy that resonates with you below. 

60 min - $125



Reiki is a simple yet powerful system of no-touch energy healing. Reiki works on the energy body by supporting the energy pathways, chakras and meridians, with positive and healing energy bringing balance and vitality.



Tapping uses a set of techniques that stimulate the body’s energy meridian points. By tapping these energy points you can relieve emotional stress and release energy imbalances held in the body.