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Daniela RAHIMI

Daniela Rahimi is a Life Coach, Energy Practitioner and Hypnotist with an Internationally-Certified background in Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Mediative Communication. 

Daniela is a German native born in a small town called Wiesbaden, just outside of the city of Frankfurt, where she was raised. In Germany she worked as a Life Coach and in-house Consultant for a large medical technology corporation. 

Working most of her life in the corporate world, a world where emotions have no outlet, she began to struggle with enormous levels of stress. Stress, which turned into health issues that eventually led her into the field of alternative medicine. A journey that not only opened her mind and heart but transformed her career path. 

As a result of these experiences Daniela became a Certified Life-Coach through the International Academy for Pedagogy, Psychology and Economy (INA), Freie Universität in Berlin. Just last Summer Daniela relocated to San Diego where she continued her training in Energy Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy at the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Daniela firmly believes that every human being possesses all that they need to lead a fulfilling and healthy life within themselves. She sees herself as an educator, supporting individuals to empower themselves, by combining traditional methods with modern techniques. It is a matter of the heart for her, to unite different fields of therapy and healing modalities to go deeper in self discovery for the sake of recovery.