They are bold, innovative, compassionate and dedicated.


They love the city that they live in and are committed to seeing it renewed by connecting their neighbors to practitioners and places that promote wellness.  Serving as gentle guides, or peer-based mentors, our Concierges can be found connecting fellow sojourners to farm-to-table eateries, spas, juice bars, nutritionists, spiritual directors, therapists, and more. 

Historically, the term Concierge  was coined in France, describing someone who was a caretaker and/or guide of an estate or hotel. A role that originated in the Medieval Era and was known as "the keeper of the candles," the Concierge was the individual responsible for tending to visiting nobles. As officers of the king, they were charged with executing justice alongside other officials. 

Saffron & Sage Concierges are trained in the fundamentals of holistic wellness; they encourage their neighbors to continue on in their journey toward health and healing by embracing their own stories. They extend insight into products and practices that aid in therapeutic and sustainable living.


Our Concierges are lights, conductors of movement, honorable in their pursuits of justice and healing.

They are what make healing communities possible!