Ashley Jantzen

Ashley is a holistic health practitioner and massage therapist. She obtained her massage certification of 740 hours in central California in 2007. With this, she learned the power of touch and the meaning of self-care.

In 2012, Ashley moved to San Diego to continue her journey as she became a holistic health practitioner with 1200 hours of training. Some of her classes included anatomy and physiology, Nutrition and body chemistry, homeopathic preparation as well as therapeutic touch and body work.

Within her holistic studies she explored Asian medicine, which included traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu, Qigong, Gua Sha and the understanding of meridians, Acupressure and acupuncture points as well as the mind-body connection.

Ashley now integrates these four human needs into her practice. She has continued her education with classes such as fire cupping, plant based nutrition, craniosacral, lymphatic drainage and reflexology. She specializes in myofascial trigger point therapy and her passion is plant-based nutrition and the mind-body connection.